Summer Car Activities That Anyone Can Enjoy

August 12th, 2020 by

Summer Car Activities That Anyone Can Enjoy

The COVID-19 pandemic has left many of us stranded at home while our usual summer stomping grounds are closed. On the one hand, we’re saving a lot of money on gas. On the other, we miss cruising around in our cars.

But fear not, as we’ve compiled five summer activities to do from the comfort of your vehicle.

5 Activities You Can Do in Your Car

Go Stargazing

Turn on some music in your car, lay back on the hood, and enjoy the night sky. Or if you have a roof that opens, recline the seats and aim your eyes upward. They don’t call it a moonroof for nothing you know.

Build a Fort With the Kids

If you have kids, you’re always looking for fresh ideas to keep them occupied. A car, especially a truck or SUV, can be a cool place to build a fort. Recline some seats, hang up some blankets and break out the flashlights. You could even turn it into a slumber party.


So, working doesn’t exactly qualify as a fun summer activity. But if you could use a change of scenery from your home office (or the kitchen table), why not set up shop in your car? Many of today’s cars come equipped with their own Wi-Fi, plus you have music, drink holders, plenty of privacy for phone calls, and comfortable seating.

Movie Night

If your car has movie monitors in the backseats, whip up a bowl of popcorn, grab a blanket, open the windows or moonroof, and settle in for an outdoor summer blockbuster under the stars. If you don’t have a built-in entertainment system, you can seek out a drive-in movie theater instead.

Practice Your Mechanical Skills

Not going anywhere for a while? Why not use the opportunity to learn some new automotive repair skills? Now is a good time to finally learn how to change a spark plug or replace an air filter.

Get Behind the Wheel of Something Else

Do you know what else you can do in a car that doesn’t involve driving? Checking out all the new cars and used cars for sale at Schumacher Auto Group. Find your nearest Schumacher location in south Florida and come on in today to get behind the wheel of something different.

We’ll even let you take it for a drive.

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