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Spring is in the air which means  it’s time for spring cleaning. As you’re creating your April to-do list, consider giving your car a well-deserved deep clean. Continue reading for some valuable tips on how to make sure your car is ready for warmer weather.

How to Prepare Your Car for Spring

Wash Off the Winter

Between the salty roads and the muddy boots, winter can take a toll on the look and condition of your car. Salt can protect you from icy roads but it can quickly rust the undercarriage and will cause significant erosion to paint. A good car wash will add some vibrancy and life back to your paint job and will help preserve its shine for years to come. 


Pay careful attention to areas where salt can build up. Often the headlights can become so encrusted with dirt, grime, and salt that your visibility may be limited. Tires and wheels can become dull and lifeless. Clean every window inside and out and finish with a rain repellent to prevent foggy mirrors and glass when those spring showers finally arrive. 

Prep for Pollen

While the onslaught of winter is finally over, the onslaught of pollen is just beginning. Take preventative measures to protect the finish of your car and minimize unwanted pollen that enters your cabin. 


Breathe clear and easy by cleaning or replacing the air filter. This simple step will help filter out most of the allergens from entering through the air conditioning vents. It is also a good idea to check the engine air filter before and after pollen season as a clogged filter can negatively affect your fuel economy. 


Once you’ve cleaned the exterior of your car, apply a wax to protect the finish of your car from the coming pollen. Waxing the car in the midst of pollen season may damage the paint because you’ll be rubbing pollen into the car’s finish. Plan to wash your car more often until the pollen season subsides and then return to your regular washing routine once the season has passed. Don’t forget to top off the washer fluid so that you can safely clean the yellow streaks from your windshield.

Detail Your Car for Spring in West Palm Beach, FL

Investing time and attention in your spring cleaning is a direct investment in the life and quality of your car. If you’d like to have your car detailed this spring for added convenience and quality, schedule service at a Schumacher Auto Group dealership. Our service centers will ensure your car is ready to take on the spring pollen and summer road trips. Give us a call today for more information.

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