Schumacher Talented Professionals and Leaders

Talent is everything. Schumacher Auto Group hires the best, talented professionals. We believe training and development is ongoing and necessary. We see changing trends, new consumer preferences and manufacturers shifting to develop cutting edge products. Autonomous driving vehicles, electrification on cars and other forms of transportation, and cars filled with microchips is just beginning, and the pace is fast. Customers want different things like online ordering, online F and I calculations and packages, and home service and delivery of vehicles. Consumer economics and the customer experience is shifting the auto industry.

Amanda Schumacher
President, Schumacher University
(561) 615-3212

Jean Wihbey
Vice President, Schumacher University
(561) 596-4046

Jayme Simms
Director of Education, Schumacher University
(419) 203-7104