Car Maintenance Tips for the Fall

October 29th, 2020 by

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With milder weather comes a number of fall driving hazards you need to be prepared for. Continue reading to learn what you should pay special attention to when you schedule your fall car service appointment. 

Fall Car Service Tips

Check and replace dim lights

Lower temperatures and shorter days make lighting important to monitor. Cooler mornings often bring fog, which means your fog lights will likely need to be put into action. As the days continue to shorten, your morning or evening commutes may become steadily darker. This reality, along with students returning to school bus stops and increased animal activity in the roads, means you should check your headlights to maintain clear visibility at all times. 

Don’t forget to check your brake lights and turn indicators as well so that other drivers can see you clearly.

Test the heat

Chilly morning commutes aren’t so bad if you’re sitting in the comfort of a warm car. If the heat goes out, however, you’re in for an uncomfortable start to your morning. 

Since you likely haven’t used your heat in quite some time, run the heat for a few minutes to ensure everything is in working order. Request the technician to check for any underlying problems in the HVAC system during your next service appointment.

Inspect your tires

The effectiveness of your tires when it comes to maintaining traction on rain-slicked roads is largely dependent on two factors: tread and proper inflation. 

If the tread on your tires becomes too bare, there’s little left to grip the road and help you maintain control of your car. Likewise, you may notice your tire pressure indicator light activates more often in the colder months because the cold air outside the tires causes the air within the tires to compress. Complete a visual inspection of your tires to ensure the tread is healthy and the pressure is adequate. 

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