Car Shopping Tips for the College-Bound Teen

May 12th, 2020 by

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College offers promise and excitement but also its fair share of unknowns. Read these tips to help you find the perfect car so you can drive confidently into this new stage of life — and beyond.

3 Undergrad Car Shopping Tips

Consider what your new lifestyle will require

Do you plan to travel frequently between college and home? Will you need to commute daily to and from school? Will you need to travel on sand or on icy road conditions? Do you plan to take weekend or day trips up to the mountains?

What kind of car you buy will largely depend on the answers to these questions. Smaller cars and sedans tend to offer better gas mileage. Small SUVs are versatile and powerful enough to tackle road trips without costing you a fortune in gas money. 4-wheel drive and all-wheel drive models will help you drive safely through the winter months or along the coast if necessary. 

As you and your parents begin to consider what your new lifestyle will require, search for car features that will streamline your life rather than hinder it. 

Explore the benefits of buying new, used, or CPO

While a new car promises peak performance and the latest technology and features, buying a used or certified pre-owned (CPO) car definitely has its advantages too. With detailed vehicle history reports readily available through sites such as CARFAX, you can research how well a used car has been maintained by previous owners. 

If you know very little about cars but want trusted advice from the manufacturer or a licensed inspector, a CPO car comes with additional perks such as an extended warranty and additional finance options — since it’s been inspected and refurbished by a professional technician. 

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