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Car Cleaning Tips to Use This Spring

May 16th, 2019 by
Car vacuum

One of the best things about getting a new car is how clean it is. Many of us start out with the best of intentions, vowing to preserve the vehicle’s tidiness and its fresh smell. Life gets in the way, however, and it isn’t long before that pristine car is marred by crumbs, coffee spills,…

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Schumacher Auto Group Gifts Navy Seal With New Truck

May 15th, 2019 by

Schumacher Automotive has been an active member of the South Florida community for over 40 years. During this time, we’ve been proud to give back to our community in a variety of ways. And this spring, we honored an esteemed member of our armed forces. Honoring Britt Slabinski, Navy Seal and Medal of Honor Recipient…

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How to Choose Between Used and Certified Pre-Owned Cars

April 25th, 2019 by
Buying a car

There’s more than one way to purchase a previously owned vehicle. The next time you head to the dealership, you may face a choice between used cars and Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) vehicles. These may sound synonymous, but there are some important distinctions. At Schumacher Automotive Group, we have both used cars for sale as well…

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How You Can Tell Your Car Needs an Oil Change

April 2nd, 2019 by
oil change west palm beach

  An oil change is the most regular form of maintenance a car must undergo. Without regular oil changes, performance drops and permanent engine damage can occur. It’s important that you follow the manufacturer recommendation and maintain consistent intervals. If you’re not on a maintenance schedule or you aren’t sure whether your car needs service,…

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4 Tips for Car Test Drives

February 7th, 2019 by
woman takes test drive west palm beach fl

If you’re shopping for a new car, you’re going to wind up taking a test drive at some point. It’s the best way to determine if a car is a good fit for you, your family, and your collective needs. There are a couple of ways to prepare for a test drive so you can…

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Myths That Won’t Actually Improve Gas Mileage

January 28th, 2019 by
Woman with credit card unscrewing cap on car gas tank

With fuel prices in a constant state of flux, drivers are always on the lookout for tips and tricks to improve their car’s gas mileage. Unfortunately, there are plenty of myths out there that won’t improve your fuel economy at all. Chances are you’ve heard at least a few. Let’s go over them below. 6…

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Your Car Maintenance and Service Checklist

December 27th, 2018 by
Car maintenance technician working on car engine

Every vehicle is made of thousands of parts. Even though these parts aren’t designed to last forever, a proper maintenance schedule will ensure that your car stays on the road for years to come. Here are the car maintenance basics you need to know. Car Maintenance 101 Regular Maintenance The rule of thumb used to…

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How to Pay for Your Next Vehicle: Leasing vs. Financing

November 30th, 2018 by
A close up of one person handing keys to another person featured in a blog post about leasing vs financing

Before stepping onto the lot or visiting the auto finance center, it’s good to know how you’re planning to pay for the vehicle you have your eye on. We’re happy to highlight the differences between leasing and financing a vehicle. Leasing vs. Financing: What Makes Sense for You? Leasing If you like driving a newer…

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