4 Tips for a Great Test Drive

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Deciding to purchase a car is an impactful financial decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. There are several things you should know about how to test drive a car before you ever step on a lot. That’s why we put together this handy guide of a few tips to ensure you know exactly what to look for when you test drive your next car. 


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Test Driving Tips

Research and narrow it down

Before you do anything, you need to sit down and conduct some preliminary research about the models you’re going to test drive. Some helpful information to know includes key performance stats, such as the vehicle’s base horsepower and highway fuel economy, handling testimonials, and safety ratings. 


Once you’ve learned more about your prospective cars, narrow it down to the two or three you think fit your needs best.

Perform a walk around

After reaching the lot, you’re going to want to carefully inspect each panel on the vehicle for any major dings, scratches, or dents. If purchasing a used vehicle, make sure to check for wear and tear on the tires and windshield. You’ll also want to consider more minor features that you otherwise may forget about, such as opening and closing all of the vehicle’s doors to determine how easy it is to get in and out.

Get comfortable

Once inside, you’ll want to sit tight and thoroughly evaluate multiple elements of the car. Some good things to note include: storage space, how the seats feel, how high the ceilings are, how ergonomic the vehicle’s controls are, how easy it is to see out of the front windshield and in your mirrors, etc.  


If it’s a convertible, see how long it takes to remove the top. If the vehicle is an SUV, inquire about its towing options. 

Be a deliberate driver

This is where the fun begins. Gently take your car onto the road and try and find some light stop-and-go traffic. While it may seem difficult, try and keep track of as many distinguishing features of how the vehicle feels to drive. 


Some good questions to ask yourself when reflecting on the test drive include: 

  • Were the brakes responsive? 
  • Did the car feel smooth when steering through 90-degree turns? 
  • Did the vehicle accelerate quickly enough for my liking? 


If you live in the city, make sure to practice parallel parking as well. 

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